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Click the link below to begin downloading the current revision of the AP INSPIRATION Operating Manual. You will need PDF compatible software on your computer to view this file - available free here: Adobe Reader

For 2020VISION

English March 2017 Download
German December 2016 Download


English February 2014 Download
French August 2015 Download
Spanish August 2010 Download
German January 2006 Download
Dutch July 2005 Download



2020VISION User Manual - English Download
2020VISION User Manual - French Download
ADV Fitting Instructions - English Download
APD Projection User Manual - English Download
Back Mounted Counterlung User Manual - English Download
RB15 Cell Tester User Manual - English  Download
RB15 Cell Tester User Manual - French  Download
CO2 Sensor User Manual - English Download
CO2 Sensor User Manual - French  Download
AP Fishtail Fitting Instructions - English Download
Full Face Mask Adaptor for OCB Fitting Instructions - English Download
Handset Strap Fitting Instructions (pre 2015 version) - English Download
HUS User Manual - English  Download
HUS User Manual - French  Download
Inspiration Classic User Manual - English Download
OCB (BOV) User Manual - English - V.6 Download
OCB (BOV) User Manual - Dutch Download
Solenoid Shut-Off Valve User Manual - English Download
AP Vision 2020 Theme Designer Software User Manual - V.1.1 - English   Download


ADV Maintenance Manual - V.2.2 - English  Download
Auto Air Maintenance Manual V.1.3 - English Download
Auto Air Maintenance Manual - French   Download
Back Mounted Counterlung Inflator Maintenance Manual - V.1.3 - English Download
Back Mounted Counterlung Inflator Maintenance Manual - V.1.2 - French  Download
FS101 First Stage Maintenance Manual - V.1.3 - English Download
FS101 First Stage Maintenance Manual - French Download
GC3 FlowStop Maintenance Manual - V.1.3 - English Download 
GC3 FlowStop Maintenance Manual - French  Download 
Inspiration HUD - Fitting Instructions V.1.2 - English  Download 
Medium Pressure & Convoluted Hose Shortening Instructions - V.1.1 - English Download
Medium Pressure & Convoluted Hose Shortening Instructions - French  Download
OCB (BOV) Maintenance Manual - V.2.2 - English Download
OCB (BOV) Maintenance Manual (Mouthpiece only) - V.1.2 - English  Download
Inspiration 3rd Generation Solenoid Maintenance Manual - V.2.0 - English  Download
Inspiration 3rd Generation Solenoid Maintenance Manual - V.1.3 - French  Download