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  • The AP Dive Simulator

    Welcome to The AP CCR Dive Simulator
    It offers two typical dive profiles
    - a 22m no-stop air dive
    - a 70m mixed gas dive



Welcome to the AP Inspiration Dive Simulator

The AP Dive Simulator offers two typical dive profiles – a 22m no-stop air dive and a 70m mixed gas dive.

The Simulator is interactive, demonstrating the button operations of the wristset. It will require your input, when prompted, to proceed – which allows you to pause the simulation and continue at your own pace.  The Simulator will step you through pre-dive mode including calibration and all the manual setup options. 

At the start of the simulated dive there is an explanation of the numerical and graphic sections of the wristset display in dive mode. As the dive proceeds it will show the typical changes to the primary and HUD displays at different stages of the dive with explanations (in the Details box) and includes a tour of some of the possible warnings and how they appear, before concluding the dive.

Please Note: the Simulator does not include reference to more recent additions to AP Vision electronics, such as the Gradual Setpoint change option or the VISION2020 colour screen etc

The AP Simulator is an Adobe Flash animation which will not work on Apple tablet or mobile devices