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When AP Diving built the world’s first production closed circuit rebreather in 1997, Diver Magazine called it…

The most significant development in diving since Cousteau invented the aqualung…

The Inspiration pushed the limits of our capabilities and opened up new underwater worlds… It allowed us to dive deeper for longer and to experience the ‘Silent World’ for the first time as it really should be seen… in silence.

Imagine diving so quietly, you’re a part of the seascape, not an intruder.

If you’re new to the sport, who better to sort out your kit than the people who started it all?


Some are unique.


Around you.

AP Inspiration rebreathers are custom built to suit your size, frame and the type of diving you plan to do. Choose from 3 models, 3 chassis sizes, 5 harness sizes, 2 wing sizes, 2 cylinder sizes, 2 scrubber durations and multiple upgrade options from gas connection systems to choice of front or back mounted counterlungs, to deco options up to advanced Trimix. The Inspiration lets you build a unit to match the mission – in 3 simple steps:

1. Discover your ideal model

2. We build it to your exact spec

3. Find your nearest trainer and join the rebreather revolution


Little details. Big difference.

Every component we make at AP is designed, built and tested by divers for divers. From the smallest buckle to the CO2 Scrubber, from re-usable hose fittings to advanced oxygen control systems to the latest back-mounted counterlung – they’re all precision engineered with you in mind.

Making improvements to our own dive kit is how the company started back in the 1960s and everything we do today is built upon this manufacturing experience and philosophy.


Technology should enhance your dive – not get in the way.

AP’s leading-edge 2020Vision technology puts you in control and keeps you informed at all times with crystal clear colour display communication with colour conditional text & graphics, multiple tried and tested back-up systems and unambiguous audible and visual advance warnings. In both pre-dive setup and dive mode the Vision handset is simple, user-friendly and intuitive with step-thru logic.

A lot of thought has gone in to making sure you don’t have to think when the pressure is on.


Upgrade when you want.

As you progress, so does your kit. There’s no need to buy a new unit.

The Inspiration is user upgradeable – by software upload and hardware plug-n-play – through all training levels from recreational spec through to deep tec (100m+) advanced Trimix.

Simple personal key-codes allow you to upgrade the electronics package and the integrated deco capability in seconds. The ability to upgrade (or downgrade) the unit is deal for instructors who want to tailor the rebreather to the student. For the diver, you don’t need to buy a new rebreather as you progress to more technical levels. Upgrade the deco, plug-n-play manual inflators, gas connector systems, OCB, ADV, on-board and off-board cylinder attachments…

With the Inspiration, you’re future-proofed wherever you go and however you want to dive.


When you buy from AP Diving – whether it’s a rebreather or a BCD – you are not just buying a quality product… you are beginning an ongoing relationship with AP and with a worldwide community of divers – offering support, advice, spares and service, both online and in the real world.

At AP Diving, you get lifelong support from people who understand you – because we’re divers too. In 1969, we started out as a family of divers who decided simply to make the world’s best dive equipment backed by friendly, quick, informative after-sales support.

Nothing’s changed.


Every AP product is tested to exhaustion both in manned ocean trials and unmanned dives in our state-of-the-art R&D test-house here in Cornwall, UK. This facility allows us to simulate the harshest conditions, to produce kit that performs to our own satisfaction as divers, to meet and exceed stringent CE standards and to constantly innovate, invent and develop new kit.


Dive with true peace of mind. For over 30 years, AP Diving (formerly AP Valves) have built custom equipment for professional divers in the Royal Navy, police, special forces, bomb disposal, the fire service and coast guards through to the commercial giants of the salvage, shipping and oil industries; from marine biologists to photographers, film-makers and expedition professionals. They trust us to do the job properly in the most extreme conditions.

You can too.