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Rebreather Cell Warning Advice by Mike Fowler, Silent Diving, USA. Posted July 2016

At some point in your CCR diving career you are likely to encounter a cell warning. Besides pressing the right button to make it go quiet, do you really know what to look for or do about it? Read the blog here.

Suppressible and Non-suppressible Warnings and what you should be doing about them... by Martin Parker, MD of AP Diving. Posted April 2018. Read the blog here.

BSAC  Conference 2016

Thoughtful Management of Decompression Stress
An excellent presentation by Dr Neal Pollock at the 2016 British Sub Aqua Club Dive Conference.


AP Diving is a founder member of RESA, The Rebreather Education and Safety Association and fully endorses its aims: to strive towards continuous improvement in safety and education in the rebreather industry.

RESA aims to set a higher degree of cooperation among CCR manufacturers and address manufacturing standards but above all the priority is to promote a Culture of Safety in the CCR community as a whole. To this end, we’re sharing a bank of useful documents, some general but most specific to AP Diving rebreathers.

Of these, the crucially important documents are the AP Diving rebreather manuals (there’s a specific one for each model, which you can download at the top of the page).  These contains a wealth of  information, Q&As, training self-checks, dive checklists, cautionary information, buddy advice, problem solving and much more. We cannot stress strongly enough the need to study, learn, read and reread your manual before, during and after your training as part of your ongoing post-course learning curve and self-discipline as a CCR diver.

We’ll be promoting any RESA initiatives and relevant materials produced by the industry and others on this site as and when they become available. We also recommend all new and prospective CCR divers take a look at the excellent RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) CCR Aware video which was launched at the Rebreather Forum3 (RF3) Conference in Florida in May 2012.