AP Diving announces the opening of its new warehouse in The Netherlands.  

The new distribution hub - AP DIVING EUROPE - will start operations on Monday 2nd August. More details here >>

EU customers will be able to: buy in Euros; receive goods direct from mainland Europe; and avoid import hassles, paperwork & customs fees.

A new website apdiving.eu will follow in mid-August. Orders for EU distribution can be placed with the AP UK office by phone or email from 26th July onwards.

AP phone lines are open from 10am-3pm (UK time) Monday to Thursday and 10am-12 noon Fridays.

Product Servicing: for more information on sending items for service from outside the UK, please click here…



    If you have purchased a new or second-hand unit you can register yourself as the user of that unit either by filling out the form below or contacting us on +44 (0)1326 563 834


What are the benefits of Registration?

1. Purchase of Replacement Parts / Spares .
Registration enables you to purchase spares and replacement parts. Inspiration and Evolution units and Inspiration/Evolution spares/replacement parts will only be sold by Ambient Pressure Diving (and our distributors) to divers who have completed an approved training course and who also register themselves with APD.
2. Factory Service
Registration enables you to have your unit serviced or repaired at the factory. An Inspiration or Evolution will only be serviced or repaired by Ambient Pressure Diving if it is a unit registered to a qualified Inspiration/Evolution diver.

3. Technical Upgrades and Information Bulletins.
Registration enables you to be kept fully informed of new developments, new products, upgrades to existing products and enables us to inform you of any issues that may arise concerning the unit you own.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because our ability to contact you is so important we strongly request that you advise us as soon as possible if in future your details change - for example if you change email address or phone number or if you sell your unit or purchase another AP rebreather.

4. Technical Support & Advice.
This can include advice on technical matters concerning anything from operation of the unit, discussion of specific dive plans, to advice on DIY servicing and repairs, the supply of custom tools or any other aspect of Inspiration/Evolution diving.

6. Inspiration Users Mailing List
Registration entitles you to join the Inspiration users forum – an email discussion group which is only open to qualified Inspiration users, instructors and the manufacturer. This is a forum to exchange ideas and experiences and to raise any questions you might have. It has proven to be a great source of information for new users, an opportunity to make contact with other divers and gain knowledge from the more experienced Inspiration users. Previous discussion threads are fully archived for your reference. Please indicate on the Registration Form if you would like to subscribe to this Forum and provide us with your email address.

7. Special Offers
Registration entitles you to receive periodic special offers from APD or our Distributors e.g.the recent free dive trip to Galapagos offered by Silent Diving Systems USA.

Secondhand Buyer?

Before Purchase:

If you would like to know the ownership & service history of a particular rebreather we can supply you with this information free of charge.
Contact us

After Purchase:

If you have bought a secondhand unit and are not yet qualified we would encourage you to
contact the factory
as soon as possible to let us know. We strongly advise you NOT TO DIVE the unit without proper training, qualifications and an inspection of the unit, preferably by the factory or by an Inspiration/Evolution Instructor. We would like to discuss this with you and talk about the essential benefits that are offered to you when fully registered.

Are you trained?

The Inspiration and Evolution are specialist pieces of dive kit and will only be sold by APD to properly qualified divers who have successfully completed a unit-specific course with one of these recognised agencies. It is absolutely essential that the type of diving practiced should always be appropriate to the level of training and experience achieved.

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The Inspiration User Mailing List is a private email forum of Inspiration owners and can be an invaluable source of advice, experience and discussion with the wider Inspiration diver community. If you would like to join the Inspiration User Mailing List please opt-in here.

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Subscribers to the Inspiration Email Forum are able to unsubscribe at any time and resubscribe at a later date provided they remain qualified & registered Inspiration users. The Inspiration Forum is a service provided on a voluntary basis. Neither the webmaster nor AP Diving are responsible for the content of emails that users contribute to this forum nor any offense or other consequence arising from them.


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