The AP 2020VISION Colour Display is an ultra-bright, high-resolution, full colour display delivering real-time information directly from the rebreather controllers. It’s all about improving communication and understanding – with colour conditional status changes; larger, ultra-crisp fonts & icons on a bigger screen; and state-of-the-art IPS technology which offers brightness and clarity from all viewing angles.

2.8” Full Colour, Back-lit,
IPS Liquid Crystal Display

The screen is 43% larger than the previous AP monochrome handset but mounted in a 40% smaller, compact and low profile housing. In-Plane Switching (IPS) LCD technology presents a high-resolution, high-contrast display, with vivid colour consistency across incredible viewing angles and excellent readability even in very poor visibility.








Intuitive communication offering “at-a-glance” confirmation that “all-is-well” and emphasising critical and marginal status changes and warnings. Typically Green/White/Grey = normal, Yellow = info alert, Red = warning.





Bluetooth Connectivity

Easy data transfer for dive downloads and firmware updates to and from your PC or Mac* - without disassembly of the rebreather.

(*Mac users will require virtualisation software such as Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion to run AP software: Projection, Logviewer and Communicator)







Intuitive Graphical Layout

The graphical layout complements both the previous Vision screen and the AP HUS – Head-Up Screen offering an intuitive, seamless transition for existing AP rebreather divers.





Magnetic Switches

Elegant in their design simplicity – the 3 spring-loaded switches magnetically operate internal reed switches, are mechanically remote from the innards of the handset and are not operational by water-pressure. The 3 button layout and methodology is deliberately familiar allowing instinctive operation for existing AP rebreather divers.





Ultra-durable, light-weight Housing & Kevlar-reinforced, flexible Cable

40% smaller and lower in profile than the previous handset - each chassis is machined from a solid billet of hard-anodised, marine grade aluminium.

The new, bespoke, Kevlar-reinforced cable assembly offers greatly improved strength and flexibility.





Chemically-toughened Lens

High-strength, scratch-resistant,

ionised-toughened lens.





Kevlar-reinforced, flexible Cable

The new, bespoke, Kevlar-reinforced cable assembly offers greatly improved strength and flexibility.





Enhanced Screen-Brightness Control

Timed auto-dimming to prolong battery life and auto-brightness for warnings. User-adjustable brightness to suit conditions and eye-sight







Selectable Themes

Diver selectable to suit individual preference: includes the default ‘Smart’(shown in all screens above), ‘Colour Blind’, ‘DayGlo’ or ‘Mono White’. A future free firmware update will allow divers to create their own custom themes.






Custom Theme Editing Software

Custom Theme Editing Software is provided as standard. It allows the diver to create colour themes to suit their personal preferences, colour perception abilities or diving conditions. "Guardrail" limitations are built-in to prevent low contrast colour choices, but apart from these limitations, you are free to experiment with a whole palette of colours.






Free Firmware Upgrades

Future firmware updates will be free.

Forever. No catches.





Huge Dive Log Capacity

500 times greater than the previous Vision

Allows you to record up to 3000 dive hours.





Flexible Mounting Options

Either mount on the wrist as usual with the elasticated wrist-strap or if preferred, clip on with the aluminium D ring provided.






Two contacts, located on the front edge of the colour display activate the rebreather when submerged or wetted on water-entry.

The Auto-activation function meets Recreational training requirements to sustain life and is in no way a substitute for the diver's responsibility / need to switch on and perform the routine / essential pre-dive self-tests.





Low Power Consumption

Low power display technology and the auto-dimming brightness control function - both contribute to minimise power consumption.

Power is supplied, hardwired and seamless, from the dual redundancy, intelligently-linked, rebreather battery system.





Continuity with existing
 functions & peripherals

Continue as normal with your current peripherals such as the Scrubber Monitor (TempStick) and the CO2 Sensor. Familiar features are carried forward including programmable gas mixes and continuous ceiling Bühlmann decompression with gradient factor adjustability and displayed data includes depth, time, decompression obligation, Setpoint, PPO2 values, Setpoint switch method, battery status and more.




Compatibility with Existing AP Rebreathers

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The AP 2020VISION Colour Display has been specially developed for use with all AP rebreathers equipped with Vision electronics:







PLEASE NOTE: It is not available for the earlier AP INSPIRATION fitted with Classic electronics.

The 2020VISION Colour Display is intended as a factory fitted upgrade for existing customers and as a standard item with all new AP rebreathers.

It can only be fitted at the  AP Diving factory in Cornwall, UK and requires existing users to return their Rebreather Lid for conversion.

Included in the upgrade is the 2020VISION Colour Display handset, strap and D ring, and the new Kevlar-reinforced flexible cable assembly and lid fitting. The rebreather firmware must be V07.00.00 or higher for the Colour Display to work and this will be installed as standard.

  • Multiple language options include English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech and Russian.

  • The 2020VISION Colour Display is Type Tested for CE approval according to the EN14143:2013 Rebreather Standard (Notified Body: SGS United Kingdom Ltd)


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