Upgrade to an AP Commando or
    Tekwing - then keep upgrading

    AP BCDs raise the bar for quality, comfort & performance.
    They’re also completely modular so you can progress from
    sport to technical configurations, whenever you're ready.

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More than just a jacket, AP BCDs are advanced dive safety devices

Packed with innovations that give you complete control underwater and vital
emergency breathing and buoyancy options – always within reach

Unique Dive Safety Options

– Unique AP emergency breathing & buoyancy options

Look Closer

– Attention-to-detail design with every aspect thought-through

95% In-house

– Designed, tested and built in-house by divers

Upgrade when you’re ready

– Modular system – easy to upgrade from sport to technical

Quality Guaranteed

– First-owner Lifetime Warranty – on the integrity of the seams of the inner bladder and a confident 3 year warranty against faulty materials and workmanship for the outer features



AP BCDs are also completely modular so you can progress from sport to technical configurations whenever you’re ready. Upgrade to twinset cambands, pony-cylinder bands or side-mount cylinder bands, add extra D rings, upgrade to the Auto Air – combination emergency regulator and BCD inflator or even add an extra 22kg redundant buoyancy wing… Your choice.


Both options offer high performance, intuitive back up if any part of your primary
breathing system fails. Just place in your mouth and breathe.

The APV200 Power Inflator

Jeff Parker AP ©

The original tried and tested AP Valve – emergency jacket breathing valve/inflator

Developed from the original AP Valve, the APV200 is a combined power inflator and emergency jacket breathing valve. The idea of breathing from your BCD in an emergency has proved to be such a simple and reliable life-saver over the decades that it remains a key and unique feature of AP BCDs today.

David Parker, inventor of the original valve, outlines the simple life-saving procedure he first developed back in 1969.

“Throughout the dive you will always have a potential air supply inside your jacket. If your regulator fails or you are out-of-air, the jacket breathing facility of the APV200 or Auto Air – used in conjunction with your emergency mini-cylinder – will give you another bail-out option by giving you access to this spare air.



The Auto Air

Jeff Parker AP ©

The Auto Air – high-performance inflator / alternate air source regulator

 Originally developed in 1972 by David Parker, the Auto Air was years ahead of its time, preceding the entire crop of rival Octo-inflators by at least 15 years. In one compact unit, it combines the AP jacket-breathing facility, a direct feed power inflator and an alternate air source Octopus bailout, offering EN250 regulator standard breathing performance.

Restyled and improved, the current Auto Air is a balanced valve, meaning it requires no set up or adjustment, it will automatically adapt to the interstage pressure of whatever first stage it is fitted to. Unlike other makes, in an emergency you don’t have to press any buttons. Just breath and it will draw air from wherever it can, either from your main cylinder (octopus mode) or from the BCD bladder (jacket-breathing mode). In octopus mode it’s a high performance regulator that sits comfortably on your chest – always within reach.

Simply insert the mouthpiece in place of your failed regulator. A short sharp exhale will purge any small amount of water inside the valve and then breathing air can be drawn directly from the jacket. There will always be a few breaths available.

This initial ability to breathe is key to preventing panic in the vital first few seconds of an out-of-air situation. Your buoyancy will not be affected until you exhale. Air inside the bladder is easily replenished by a brief on/off operation of the mini-cylinder.

With practice this bail-out procedure becomes routine. Let air into the jacket in breath-sized bursts, maintaining buoyancy & your ability to breathe until you reach your partner or, if necessary, jacket-breathe to the surface. As you ascend, your jacket air expands so you replenish less often.

At the surface, use the AP Valve (or Auto Air) to orally inflate your jacket by pressing and holding in the dump button as you exhale into the bag. Alternatively, if you have air remaining in your mini-cylinder, use this to inflate your BCD  – a quick, easy, life-saving emergency buoyancy supply.”


Never go out without it…

A lack of buoyancy at the surface is cited year after year as one of the main causes of dive accidents. An independent emergency buoyancy supply to hand at all times is a proven lifesaver. That is why we have offered the option of a mini-cylinder on all AP (previously BUDDY) BCDs for over 35 years. Today the mini-cylinder option is available on the Commando, the Commando Explorer, the Tekwing, the Trident and all AP rebreathers.

A typical scenario is that a diver reaches the surface but is out-of-air and struggling to stay afloat. With a mini-cylinder fitted, reaching back to open the tap is a simple solution, providing instant surface support that calms the situation and saves lives.

The other major benefit of choosing a mini-cylinder is its use as part of the unique AP emergency jacket-breathing system in conjunction with the Auto Air or the APV200 as outlined in the section above.



Configure your kit in seconds

The RRS is a unique and secure mechanical locking system (+ve lock with audible click when secured) fitted to both the Commando and the Commando Explorer.

The RRS gives you the option of secure stowage of accessories (such as a reel, SMB or torch) or can be used for securing Integrated Weight pouches. The Cargo Clips are provided as standard or you can upgrade to Integrated Weights.

The weight pouches hold up to 10kg total (5kg each pouch – hard or soft lead) and feature sturdy easy-grip release handles.

The AP wings – Tekwing, Travelwing and Trident – offer integrated weight pocket options secured with fastex pinch clips.


Easy access in all dive positions

AP BCDs offer two rapid response air dump/over-pressure valves. The toggle on the chest is made from negatively buoyant material while the kidney toggle is designed to float. This means they can both be easily found and operated, even when diving head down.

A third hose-dump comes as standard, integrated with the inflator assembly it offers one-handed control, allowing you to inflate and deflate with one hand while hanging on to a rock, wreck or reef with the other.

The third hose-dump is designed to dump air at a slower rate than the other two valves which makes it ideal for fine-tuning your buoyancy control at depth.



With our simple modular system you just add and upgrade

The modular build of all AP jackets & wings gives you complete flexibility to upgrade in the future. So you can be confident that choosing your kit for the type of diving you do now won’t limit you later as your skills and needs change. We give you the choice to get what you want from your jacket.


Twinset Upgrade

  • Convert to twin and back to single in no time – no tools required
  • Grips cylinders as securely as metal bands but easier to fit
  • Nonhygroscopic webbing – unlike other makes, they do not absorb water and expand when wet
  • Folds flat in your suitcase for travel

The element backplate is not only designed to cater for different sizes of single cylinder, but also allows you to mount twin cylinders on the outer curves of the high-traction anti-slip cradle, when used with AP Twinset camband kits.


Tough, non-slip twinset cambands hold your cylinders with absolute security. It’s easy to upgrade AP BCDs* from single to twins. Just thread the twin cambands onto the element backplate via the set of slots above the single camband position (as shown opposite). No tools required.

We’ve put enough leeway in the webbing band length to cater for unusual cylinder sizes so you shouldn’t be caught short. Fitted with separation blocks, you can choose to use either a manifold or individual regulators. Either way, the cylinders will be held as rigidly as metal camband systems and it is not necessary to fit a twin-cylinder boot. Converting back to single cylinder is a job that requires no tools and takes only a few minutes.

*(the exception is the AP Travelwing which features a soft backpack not suited to carrying a twinset)

Available in 3 sizes to fit all common cylinder diameters.




  • Easy-to-fit – no tools required
  • Configure your cylinders from a single up to quads
  • Versatile and solid cylinder-attachment direct to your main cylinders

Extremely neat and secure, these kits let you mount 2 or 3 litre pony cylinders alongside your main cylinder. The pony band can either be threaded into any solid AP backpack (replacing the existing camband) or cammed directly onto a single cylinder or twinset, allowing you to configure up to four cylinders on your back.


The Redwing

  • 22.5kg of redundant buoyancy in one self-contained unit
  • Ultra easy to fit – no tools required
  • Complete with AP200 inflator and AP31 hose exhaust
  • Suitable for technical dives beyond 70m

Compatible with all current AP BCDs, the Redwing can be threaded onto your existing cambands to sit between your cylinders and the BCD. It gives you both redundant buoyancy and extra trim options allowing a relaxed head-up surface support position, regardless of cylinder set up. Built to the same famous spec as the jackets it comes complete with the original AP200 power inflator and AP31 hose exhaust as standard. And we’ve thrown in 2 x 50mm stainless D-rings as secure anchor points for side-mount cylinders.


You can add D rings to any AP BCD by threading a BK30 D ring + webbing loop onto the waistband or to any area of 50mm webbing with a BK31 Verti-clip. The Verti-clip holds the D ring rigid, at right angles, making location easy and allowing one-handed attachment when clipping-on.

Further upgrade options: emergency Air Horn, SMBs, lift bags, pocket reels, side-mount cylinder bands, pony cylinders…






Another major advantage of the AP twin-bag design is that the outer bag features a service zip around the backplate allowing easy access to the inner bladder and all the BCD fittings and valves. This access makes washing and servicing of your BCD simple – another factor that extends the useful life of the kit.

If necessary, it also allows you or a service technician to dismantle the entire BCD offering unique maintenance capabilities. Unlike most other BCDs on the market, it means every part, from the valves, to the inner bladder or even the outer bag, can be stripped down, serviced and replaced if required. Because we have made all components in-house for over 40 years, replacement parts are readily available. We have a stock (or can quickly manufacture) any part of any AP kit ever produced.

Refurbishing a 27 year old Commando
Jeff Parker AP ©
Jeff Parker AP ©


Register your BCD on purchase and you get an extremely confident Lifetime Warranty on the integrity of the airtight seal of the PU inner bladder on all twin-bag AP BCDs – the Commando, Commando Explorer, Tekwing, Trident and Redwing.

This is a no quibble deal. If the bladder seal fails 5, 10, 30 years after purchase… we will replace the bladder free of charge.

The twin-bag design features a rugged outer bag and the airtight inner bladder. Our patented stud construction (shown left) ensures that the major stresses are transferred to the stronger outer bag, which means they take the knocks and ensure the bladder lasts longer than any BCD on the market. The outer bag itself carries a longer-than-usual 3 year warranty.