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    Inspiration xpd, Inspiration evp or Inspiration evo?

    Choosing your rebreather is the most important diving equipment decision you may ever have to make. There are some important questions you should ask before you invest.

    The AP Inspiration range can be configured from recreational to technical CCR spec - so whichever model you choose, it will develop with you as you progress.

     Photo by Greg Regnier



Rb-unit-xpd Rb-unit-evp Rb-unit-evo
Cylinder Size 2 x 3 litres 2 x 2 litres 2 x 2 litres
Scrubber Duration 3 hours * 3 Hours * 2 Hours *
Ready-to-dive Weight
(full cylinders & scrubber)
31kg 28.2kg 27.5kg
Flight Weight (w/o cylinders) 18.25kg 16.39kg 16.14kg
Unit Height 57.5cm 51cm 47.5cm
Width x Depth 40 x 35cm 40 x 35cm 40 x 35cm
Summary Extended scrubber & cylinder duration. Perfect for deeper longer diving More compact than the Inspiration XPD. Extended scrubber Compact, light and easy to fly
Mission Deep tech, caving, film-making, repeat diving, deep support, expedition diving All dive profiles. Good for travel Perfect travel unit. Reef to depth. Ideal for smaller body frame
Quick description The ultimate dive machine The perfect all-rounder Travel light, dive deep
Wing & Counterlung Colours Gray / Black or Yellow / Black Gray / Black or Yellow / Black Gray / Black or Yellow / Black
Case Colour Option Yellow or Black Yellow or Black Yellow or Black
Integrated Weight Harness Size S, M, L, XL, XXL S, M, L, XL, XXL S, M, L, XL, XXL
Wing Size 16KG or 22.5KG 16KG 16KG
Counterlung Option Over the Shoulder or Back Mounted Over the Shoulder or Back Mounted Over the Shoulder or Back Mounted
Over-the-Shoulder Counterlung Size M L XL M L XL M L XL
Back Mounted Counterlung Size Small or Standard Small or Standard Small or Standard
Trim Weight Pockets Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV) Optional Optional Optional
Auto Air for Open Circuit Bailout Yes Yes Yes
Open Circuit Bailout Valve (OCB) Optional Optional Optional
Recreational 1 and 2 Software Yes Yes Yes
Nitrox Deco Software Optional Optional Optional
CO2 Scrubber Monitor (Tempstik) Optional Optional Optional
CO2 Sensor Optional Optional Optional
Communicator Software & PC Interface Yes Yes Yes
Logviewer Software Yes Yes Yes
Software Upgradeable Yes Yes Yes
Head-up Displays Yes Yes Yes
Audible Warnings Yes Yes Yes
Dual Power Supplies Yes Yes Yes
Battery Status Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Sealed Battery Box Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Setpoint Switch Yes Yes Yes
Language Options Yes Yes Yes


Some points to consider when making your choice…

The difference between the 3 models?

This can be summed up quite simply: Inspiration… Small, Medium and Large.

They are identical apart from chassis length and they have different sizes (durations) of scrubber unit and cylinders. All 3 models have the same spec in terms of build quality, control systems and upgrade options. (exception: only the larger unit – the Inspiration xpd – can upgrade to a 22kg wing because of it’s chassis size)

So which Inspiration model is right for me?

The answer to this will be a balance between the type of diving you plan to do and how much importance you give to the size and weight of the unit chosen in relation to your body frame size.

Points to consider:

  • All 3 units can be dived to technical depths with appropriate planning for diluent gas mix and off-board bailout gas contingencies.
  • When flying abroad you can reduce hold luggage weight by about 10kg on all units by packing the scrubber and head in your hand luggage and using the dive resort’s cylinders.
  • Each model has a full range of harness sizes from small to XXL.
  • There is a only a 5kg difference in ready-to-dive weight between the xpd and the evo.
  • All 3 units are approved (and can be spec’d for all training levels Rec to Tec) by TDI, IANTD, ANDI, IART, ETDS, PTA, SSI, ITDA, BSAC, PSA and RAID and PADI.

So, we seem to be saying any model is right for you. To an extent this is true.

Some conclusions

  • If diving the unit without additional bailout contingency, the Inspiration xpd with 3 litre cylinders and 3 hour scrubber may be the unit of choice if you intend to do multiple repeat dives without refilling consumables between dives.
  • Typical consumption per dive is about 30 bar from each cylinder so you would generally have sufficient bailout redundancy for subsequent dives with all units. However, psychologically, you may feel more comfortable with the unit with the larger cylinders.
  • The smaller units may be a better choice if you intend to frequently fly abroad to dive. Although, with AP’s extensive global support network, the heavy items – cylinders and sofnolime – can be sourced locally.
  • The smaller units may be the best choice if they are a better fit to your body shape and size (especially your back length) and you place greater importance on fit and pre-dive comfort than other considerations.