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    performance and dive-safety - from the original

    self-sealing Surface Marker Buoy, the unique "no-snag"

    AP Pocket Reel, to the superb Buddy Blast

    emergency air-horn... We've got your back.



AP Ratchet Pocket Reels

Compact, versatile, multi-purpose dive reels
with unique "no-snag" design

APD45 & APD90 Ratchet Pocket Reels

AP Pocket reels are compact, light weight and fully enclosed to eliminate line snagging.

Now available in two sizes - 90m and 45m - both with ratchet control and high strength, high-vis Dyneema line.

APD90 & APD45 Ratchet Pocket Reels


APD90 Ratchet Pocket Reel

Introducing the new APD90


  • 90m Dyneema line
  • Fully enclosed design
  • Glass reinforced polymer case
  • Ratchet & Free-running modes
  • Thumb lever to switch modes
  • Free-running mode lock-off
  • Adjustable hand-strap


  • 115mm AP branded boltsnap
  • Dimensions: 9.5cm x 6.5cm
  • Weight: 320g



APD90 Ratchet Pocket Reel


APD90 Ratchet Pocket Reel


APD90 Ratchet Pocket Reel


APD90 Ratchet Pocket Reel


APD90 Ratchet Pocket Reel


APD90 Ratchet Pocket Reel


APD90 Ratchet Pocket Reel

Engaging Free-running Mode

APD90 Ratchet Pocket Reel

Engaging Ratchet Mode

Unique features & benefits of both the APD45 and the APD90:


  • Compact - they both sit comfortably in the palm of the hand and can be easily stowed in a pocket.
  • No-Snag design - the totally enclosed line prevents snagging and bird-nest tangling, a common problem with open reels.
  • Ratchet Mode - the ratchet also offers line security in that it only winds one way preventing the line from spooling out again when you stop winding.
  • The loud audible ratchet-click aids the diver in judging ascent speed and lets other divers know you are returning or ascending.
  • Built with glass reinforced polymer – they are rugged and extremely light.
  • High-visibility Dyneema line – which is twice as strong as Kevlar and stronger than steel.
  • Simple on/off thumb-lock switch to change between ratchet and free-running modes when deploying the line.
  • Left or right handed operation.



APD45 Ratchet Pocket Reel

The perfect compact Scuba Reel


  • 45m Dyneema line
  • Fully enclosed design
  • Glass reinforced polymer case
  • Ratchet & Free-running modes
  • Thumb lever to switch modes
  • Free-running mode lock-off


  • Adjustable wrist-strap loop
  • Dimensions: 8cm x 4.5cm
  • Weight: 200g



45m Compact Ratchet Reel


45m Compact Ratchet Reel


45m Compact Ratchet Reel


45m Compact Ratchet Reel


45m Compact Ratchet Reel


Both reels can be used as either a Navigation Reel from a fixed point - such as the bottom of a shot-line - or as an SMB Reel for deploying a surface marker buoy.


  • The line is positively buoyant which means it will rise above the seabed or wreckage when played out, helping to avoid entanglement and delay on the return journey.
  • The thumb-lock switch features a lock-off / tap-to-release design so that you do not have to keep your thumb on it in Free-running mode when using as a navigational reel.
  • Simply hold down the switch with your thumb to disengage the ratchet and engage Free-running mode when deploying an SMB to the surface.



Be seen – Be safe

THE AP SMBC – the original self-sealing “sausage” Surface Marker Buoy

The AP SMBC (SMB closed or self-sealing) was developed by the same UK design team at AP Diving that produced the world-beating Commando BCD. Measuring 1.4m x 20cm this sausage shaped SMBC was developed in the early 1990s and quickly became a mainstay of a divers’ kit.

  • Available in Red, Red & Yellow or Yellow
  • No accidental deflation on the surface due to a unique self-sealing duckbill valve in the mouth
  • Handy top eyelet for attaching message slate, ID marker or reflector
  • Rolls up neatly. Store in your pocket or in the custom SMB pouches on AP BCDs

Easy to use and effective, the SMBC is inflated by purging a regulator or air gun into the open end. In the mouth, a unique self-closing baffle – or duckbill valve – forms an airtight seal immediately on inflation, preventing the buoy from accidentally deflating on the surface.

An over-pressure/dump valve prevents the buoy from being over-inflated and potentially damaging the seams. It also allows easy deflation after use. Because the baffle prevents air spillage the SMBC stays inflated so it’s easy for surface crew to track or for a diver to hold aloft and wave if separated from the boat.

Simply attach a line or reel and you have a superb delayed action decompression marker buoy. Alternatively, it can be inflated at the start of a dive and towed as a standard surface marker. The SMBC is pulled upright by tension on the line and clearly marks the diver’s position.


Jake Kimpton AP ©

High Visibility


All AP SMBs now come in high visibility contrasting Red and Yellow or all-Yellow versions – ideal as Signal Buoys. Use as an emergency signal to warn surface support of an impending ‘out-of-gas’ situation (or any other pre-arranged communication).

SMBs roll up neatly for pocket storage, external attachment or stowage in the custom SMB pouches now standard on the Commando and Commando Explorer BCDs.

Jake Kimpton AP ©



  • Fast, simple deployment
  • No need to use your expensive nitrox to inflate your SMBC
  • Conserve your gas – save your breathing gases for… breathing
  • Easy refill from standard air cylinder
  • Dual inflation – if you forget to fill your mini-cylinder, you can still inflate via the baffle

All the advantages of the AP SMBC plus an independent inflation mini-cylinder (0.1 litre 232 bar available with either DIN or Int A-clamp fittings). The mini-cylinder is easily replenished by decanting from a standard air cylinder. It folds neatly away inside the rolled-up SMB Stow it in a pocket, attach to an external D ring or store in the dedicated SMB velcro pouch on the Commando and Commando Explorer BCDs.

Dimensions: 1.4m long x 20cm wide
Mini-cylinder: 115mm long, 0.1 litre 232BAR (Int A-clamp or DIN)
Colours: Red, Red & Yellow or All-Yellow



Be heard – Be safe

  • Easy activation – Just squeeze
  • Easy-to-locate – sits in-line with your BCD inflator
  • 136dB blast will capture your group’s attention

The AP BUDDY BLAST surface emergency air-horn is compact, easy to use and packs an almighty punch with a huge 136dB blast of attention-grabbing noise. No worries about being left behind if you’re separated from your boat cover.

No Buttons – Just Squeeze


The BUDDY Blast is so easy to find and operate – even with cold hands or gloves. Unlike other makes, there are no buttons to find, you just grab the whole thing and squeeze the spring-loaded body to operate.

The Blast works with a medium pressure hose and sits in-line between the hose and either of the two A.P.Valves – the APV200 inflator or the Auto Air octo-inflator. It’s the only air horn on the market that doesn’t impede the Auto Air’s normal breathing operation.

Both versions come with a 61cm (24”) medium pressure hose with a swivel connection so that the unit can be rotated to the ideal position.

Warning: hold away from ears during operation.

Jeff Parker AP ©



Be together – Be safe


  • Essential safety kit in certain conditions – don’t dive without it
  • Ultra tough – you can rely on it to keep you connected
  • High visibility suitable for poor/extreme conditions 

The AP BUDDY LINE keeps you in constant contact with your dive partner in difficult conditions – poor visibility, in a rip current, when drift diving or any training situation where the instructor wants to ensure contact with the student. It can also be used as a Jon-line for ‘hands-free’ attachment at the deco-stop

Keep close to your buddy

The 1.2m line is made from the toughest 25mm bright yellow webbing and features a loop at one end for hand or D ring attachment and a brass spring clip at the other to link to your buddy – or the shot line. It can also be clipped to a second BUDDY LINE to double the distance between divers if preferred. The webbing line stows neatly into its own small neoprene pouch secured with a spring-toggle – from which it is instantly deployable.

Jake Kimpton AP ©



2 sizes, 4 models

Comprehensive range to suit your needs


We make 2 sizes of lift bag – 25kg and 65kg – in 4 versions:


  • LB25 & LB65: open-ended -tapered shape reduces air spillage
  • LB25DV & LB65DV : as above – open-ended but with an AP5 over-pressure/dump valve
  • LB25C & LB65C: closed or self-sealing – with a unique duckbill valve that seals preventing accidental air spillage
  • LB25Ci: closed with dedicated 0.4 litre inflation mini-cylinder. Conserve your breathing gas

AP Lift Bags are manufactured from heavy-duty polyurethane-coated nylon. All seams are high frequency welded for consistent and durable seals.

Available either open-ended – with a tapered shape that reduces accidental air spillage -or closed-ended with our unique internal baffle that self-seals on inflation preventing accidental loss of buoyancy during lift and at the surface.

Both open-ended lift bags are also available with an AP5 over-pressure/dump valve.

The LB25Ci – 25kg self-sealing lift bag comes with a 0.4 litre 232 bar mini-cylinder. A dedicated inflation cylinder makes deployment of the lift bag very simple and is a popular choice with nitrox and trimix divers who do not want to waste their expensive breathing gases inflating the bag. The 0.4 litre mini-cylinder is easily replenished by decanting from the pillar valve of a regular air cylinder.

The LB25Ci can either be used conventionally as a lift bag or it can be used as a heavy-duty Surface Marker Buoy.


All British-built and backed by our famous no-fuss service.

Because we build 95% of the kit here in our UK factory, spare parts for all our sport and technical diving products – from rebreathers to BCDs to our dive accessory range – are ready-to-hand and rarely out of stock.

Advice from divers who use the kit all the time is always only a telephone call or email away.



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