Japan’s Yonaguni Monument

A fantastic selection of photography by Dave Mothershaw diving at the illusive Yonaguni Monument, 130km off the coast of Taiwan.

Less than a mile from the small island of Yonahuna Jima lies the recently undiscovered underwater wonder, Yonaguni Monument. With its’ large flat surfaces and almost perfect right angles, an ongoing debate still stands over how this man-made looking formation originated.

Theories span from the possibility of an ancient civilisation to the movement of tectonic plates thousands of years ago. Similar patterns of oddly shaped rock are found at the famous Giants Causeway, Scotland and La Rapadura, Tenerife.

Dave Mothershaw and Michael Pitts recently took a trip to Yonaguni Jima to study the Monument and its’ wildlife. We’ve received some fantastic photography showcasing the architecture of the Monument as well as some of its’ local residents. More of Dave Mothershaws’ work can be viewed on his website here


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