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Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Safe.

Maximise your surface visibility

The Problem.

Rough seas, strong currents, buddy separation, low-light conditions and even buoyancy troubles... the list goes on. Ensuring you've been spotted by your dive boat after surfacing can at times be particularly challenging. This is, of course, made worse in an emergency.

The Solution?

Make yourself Maximise your surface visibility with our range of ultra-visible surface marker buoys and attention-grabbing surface air horns. Attach yourself to your buddy to avoid separation.

Here are our top 3 must-have accessories for every diver:

Surface Marker Buoys

Be Seen - ultra-visible, easily deployable

Our marker buoys are the original and the best. We manufacture all of our diving accessories right here in the UK to ensure quality and reliability is at its best. 

Our Range: 

  • Self-sealing
    • The original and the best
  • Easifil option
    • Connect an inflator hose for easy deployment
  • Cylinder inflation option
    • Dedicated mini-cylinder. An all-in-one solution
  • 3 Metre open ocean SMB
    • Ultra tall, self-sealing, Easifil inflation
    • Maximum visibility in difficult conditions

Available in a selection of ultra-bright colours for all conditions.

Surface Marker Buoys from £31.75

Emergency Air Horn

Be Heard -136dB, in-line, surface Air Horn

Grab attention fast with our highly effective surface air horn. 

  • Compact
  • Robust
  • Easy to locate - sits in-line with your inflator*
  • Simply squeeze to activate**
  • 136dB attention-grabbing noise

Surface Air Horns - Only £52.54

* For use with APV200 Inflators and the Auto Air
** Point away from ears during use.


Safer Together - 1.2m Safety Line

The BUDDY Line is the ideal way to keep you and your buddy together in poor visibility, a rip current, when drift diving or in any training situation.

  • 1.2m super strong, hi-vis yellow webbing
  • Brass trigger-hook for easy attachment
  • Stows away into an 8cm pouch
  • Easily link 2 lines together to increase distance if preferred

BUDDY Line - Only £15.78