Following the easing of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, we are pleased to announce that AP Diving is now open, initially with reduced staffing levels. 

We will be working hard to despatch any orders placed but please bear with us as despatch times may be slightly longer than usual.



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  1. CO2 Sensor Protectors

    CO2 Sensor Protectors

    Incl. VAT: £19.80 £16.50  Excl. VAT

    RB121 - CO2 Sensor Protectors (pack of 3)

    Replacement desiccant cartridges for the AP CO2 Sensor.

    The desiccant cartridge ensure accurate monitoring when the loop has high humidity levels.

    These are Read More

  2. Chemgene HLD4D Disinfectant

    Chemgene HLD4D Disinfectant

    Incl. VAT: £19.99 £16.66  Excl. VAT

    DIS01 - Chemgene Dive Equipment Disinfectant - 1 litre

    High Level Disinfectant for Diving - HLD4D

    Chemgene HLD4D is an effective wide spectrum disinfectant - produced exclusively for AP Diving - specifically for cleaning dive kit such as AP BCD Read More

  3. Scrim Kit

    Scrim Kit

    Incl. VAT: £6.88 £5.73  Excl. VAT

    RB09A - Scrim Kit

    CO2 Scrubber Cartridge Filters

    [1 set of 2 scrims (top and bottom) per pack]

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  4. 3V CR123 Lithium Batteries (pair)

    3V CR123 Lithium Batteries (pair)

    Incl. VAT: £5.28 £4.40  Excl. VAT

    RB06/01/10A - 3V Lithium Battery (CR123)

    For post Aug 2011 battery box - Inspiration XPD, EVO, EVP (and Inspiration / Evolution / Evolution Plus).

    [sold in pairs] 

    Tests show that Energizer are the best brand Read More

  5. 6V CRP2 Lithium Batteries (pair)

    6V CRP2 Lithium Batteries (pair)

    Incl. VAT: £16.27 £13.56  Excl. VAT

    RB06/01/10 - 6V Lithium Batteries x 2 (CRP2)

    For the pre-Aug 2011 battery box - Inspiration / Evolution / Evolution Plus.

    [sold as a pair] 

    Tests show that Energizer are the best brand for this Read More

  6. APD16 Oxygen Sensor (Coaxial)

    APD16 Oxygen Sensor (Coaxial)

    Incl. VAT: £69.22 £57.68  Excl. VAT

    APD16 - Oxygen Sensor 

    Coaxial swivel connection

Important Information:

    Accuracy of cells

    While the Narked@90 cell and the APD16 cell is Read More

  7. APD14 Oxygen Sensor (Coaxial)

    APD14 Oxygen Sensor (Coaxial)

    Incl. VAT: £61.13 £50.94  Excl. VAT

    APD14 - Oxygen Sensor 

    Coaxial swivel connection

    The APD14 is AP Diving's own brand, redesigned and internally restructured oxygen cell, re-introduced in July 2014. 

    In late 2013 and the early part of 2014 we experienced an Read More

  8. Sofnolime 797 - 20kg Drum

    Sofnolime 797 - 20kg Drum

    Incl. VAT: £78.50 £65.42  Excl. VAT

    20KG Drum of Sofnolime 797 - 1mm-2.5mm granules. 


    Bulk-buy Rates Available

    Bulk-buy discounts are not available via the Read More

  9. Sofnolime 797 - 2 x 4.5kg

    Sofnolime 797 - 2 x 4.5kg

    Incl. VAT: £31.27 £26.06  Excl. VAT

    RB31 - 2 x 4.5kg Drums of Sofnolime 797

    1mm-2.5mm granules


    If you wish to purchase multiple sofnolime containers, please contact the factory for a discounted carriage charge.
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    9 Item(s)