AP Swivel Inflator Range




Feature Information
Display 2.8 Inch ultra-bright full colour LCD
Housing Hard-anodised marine grade aluminium
Glass Lens Chemically-ionised, toughened glass handset facia with greater durability and high scratch-resistance
Screen Layout Intuitive graphical layout complements the existing rebreather handset and the HUS - Head-Up Screen
Themes Smart (Default), Dayglo, Colourblind, Mono White
Bluetooth Connectivity Dive download and software upload (PC or Mac) without disassembly of the rebreather
Active Brightness Control Auto Dimming based on user defined time. Device automatically lights up when Warnings occur.
Storage The handset can store up to 3000 dive hours
Low Power Consumption Seamless supply from the dual redundancy, intelligently-linked Vision power supply system. 
Self Activation Built-in self-activation on water-entry to sustain life
Flexible Mounting Options Comes with an adjustable elasticated wrist-strap and aluminium D-ring for clipping elsewhere according to preference or the exigencies of the dive
Compatibility Compatible with all existing AP Diving Vision electronics peripheral devices including the Scrubber Life Monitor (TempStik), CO2 Sensor and DiveStore.

Temperature Range

Operation 4ºC to 32ºC
Short term air storage (hours) -10ºC to 50ºC
Long term storage 5ºC to 20ºC
Atmospheric Range 650 -1080 mbar
Digital Pressure Sensor 0-14 bar
Maximum Operating Depth 100m (this coincides with the maximum depth proven for all AP Diving rebreather parameters according to EN14143)
Battery Powered by Rebreather Lid power source
Weight Approx. 0.35KG (handset and cable only)
Dimensions Approx.102 x 64 x 25mm (aluminium housing)

PPO 2 Display


± 0.05 bar


0.01 bar

Oxygen Setpoint Range


0.5 – 0.9 bar


0.9 – 1.5 bar

Oxygen Warning Level


0.4 bar


1.6 bar
Languages English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech or Russian
Communication Hardwired to rebreather with new flexible, Kevlar-reinforced cable
Firmware Upgradable Hardware included for future software updates to unlock additional features such as: tilt activation, digital compass and colour customisation capabilities
Warranty 1 Year
EC TYPE Approval EC Type approved by SGS United Kingdom Ltd, Unit 202b, Worle Parkway, Western-Super-Mare, Somerset, BA22 6WA. Notified Body number 0120. The Inspiration XPD, Inspiration EVP and Inspiration EVO (complete with Colour Display) are CE approved to 40m using an air diluent and 100m using a Heliox or Trimix (with a max. END of 30m at 70m, reducing to an END of 24m at 100m). The EC Type Approval was granted on the APD Manufacturer’s Technical Specification and satisfactory user trials. The Technical Specification was based on the “Respiratory equipment-Self-contained re-breathing diving apparatus” standard EN14143:2013."EC PPE Article 11B Approval,The on-going certification to allow CE marking under Article 11B Directive 89/686/EEC is granted by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. CE0088.
Manufacturer Designed and Manufactured in the UK by AP Diving