• The AP Rechargeable Battery Pack

    Rechargeable intelligent dual power system - with rapid recharge and full set of international power adaptors
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Incorporates two separate power supplies - B1 & B2 - hardwired to
the rebreather controllers and offers almost double the capacity of regular batteries

The AP Rechargeable Battery Pack and Dual Charger have been specially developed for Vision equipped AP Diving rebreathers. The system is compatible with Vision electronics (with V06.00.00 + firmware) and is intended as an upgrade for existing customers as well as a standard item with new AP rebreathers.

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  • Batteries B1 & B2 are physically and electrically isolated
  • Approx. double the capacity of existing batteries - only requiring a recharge every 15-27 hours of diving with B2 still held in reserve (duration varies depending on solenoid type, work-rate, temperature & backlight use)
  • Intelligent dual power system with all the usual AP checks, warnings, displays and auto switch-over to B2 on depletion of B1
  • Hardwired to the rebreather controllers, factory fitted and encapsulated to ensure a waterproof, uninterrupted power supply
  • Rechargeable from the mains power supply (100-240V) or 12 volt DC car or boat supply
  • Unique rapid charger will charge from empty to maximum in approx. 4 hours - resorts to a trickle on completion
  • Intelligent protection circuitry during use and charging
  • Waterproof screw-on cap for charging port
  • More convenient in remote locations
  • Deactivation clip for transportation and to safe-guard against accidental switch-on
  • For all AP rebreathers with Vision - as an upgrade to existing units or standard on new units from November 2014 onwards
  • CE Approved


The Rechargeable Battery Pack is supplied with a full set of international power adaptors

The Battery Pack is rechargeable from mains supply (100-240V) or 12v DC power supply. The kit includes a full set of international power supply adaptors (types A,C,G & I) and a 12v DC power adaptor - for use with suitable DC power sockets in a car or boat - allowing recharging wherever you are diving in the world.

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