• It's time... for true
    hands-free diving

    Real-time rebreather information
    in line-of-sight throughout the dive


Live rebreather and decompression information at-a-glance

In brief…

  • Rebreather status in line-of-sight – throughout the dive
  • Vivid OLED colour display – with excellent readability even in very poor viz
  • Real-time dive information – delivered direct to the diver’s eye
  • Magnified virtual image projected in front of the diver for exceptional image clarity
  • Conditional colouring of text and graphics for intuitive communication of status changes – Green = good, Yellow = info alert, Red = warning
  • New Ascent Rate and Ceiling Height graphical displays
  • Super adjustable articulated mount allows positional preference
  • Low power consumption – powered by the rebreathers’s dual supply
  • Upgrade path for all AP rebreathers with Vision electronics
  • Ideal for photographers, film-makers or anyone preferring hands-free monitoring to work or play underwater
  • CE Approved


Near-eye, hands free secondary display – offered as an upgrade to existing and new units

The AP HUS or Head Up Screen is a near-eye, hands free secondary display that shows the diver real-time information directly from the rebreather’s oxygen controller electronics.

The full colour display conveys all the key rebreather information with the added benefit of conditional colouring to highlight the current status of the information provided.

It is mounted on the rebreather mouthpiece using an adjustable articulated mounting arm allowing bespoke positioning of the device to give the optimal view of the display without compromising the diver’s vision of the diving environment.

The HUS comes factory fitted to the Rebreather Lid. It is wired into the controllers through a new buzzer housing.

The HUS has been specially developed for use with AP Diving’s range of rebreathers, equipped with Vision electronics and is intended as an upgrade for existing customers as well as an optional item with new AP rebreathers.



Conditional colouring of text & graphics offers clear, intuitive
communication of rebreather status, alerts and warnings

  • Following a successful calibration the HUS will display the ‘Surface Mode’ screen
  • In Dive Mode, Green or White text and graphics indicate "within appropriate limits"
  • If you incur a decompression obligation, the handset and HUS show a Time To Surface (TTS) along with the dive time, current depth and a ceiling height
  • If the Ceiling Height is violated on ascent, for more than one minute, the Estimated Time to Surface (EST) and ceiling height are shown in Red
  • Conditional colouring delivers very clear, unambiguous warnings in Red
  • The HUS also displays which Controllers or Batteries are generating the warning


New conditional coloured graphic indicators

  • The left hand Green curve shows the Ceiling Height
    in relation to the Current Depth
  • At the Ceiling Height, when no other stops are required, the Green changes to an all-Grey curve
  • If the Ceiling Height is violated, the normal 'DOWN' warning is displayed
  • The Ceiling Height curve turns Red and if it
    continues to be violated an EST Estimated Time to Surface is shown
  • The right hand Green curve shows the Ascent Rate is within normal limits
  • The curve turns Yellow to alert the diver of an intermediate Ascent Rate
  • The curve turns Red to warn you are ascending too fast and the normal text warning is displayed


Take a virtual tour of the AP HUS – Head-Up-Screen