– April 2018 Firmware Release –

The latest free software updates launch 3 key new 2020VISION features:

Digital Compass – Tilt Activation – Graphical Logbook

The 2020VISION Digital Compass

Supremely accurate and easy-to-read, the three axis, tilt compensated, digital compass is clearly displayed across the top of the 2020VISION screen. The compass can be switched on/off during the dive or temporarily taken off-screen to check on the rebreather info normally displayed in that area. If a status warning occurs the compass display alternates with the warning display.

Clear Graphical & Numerical Indicators

The Digital Compass features simple graphics for the cardinal, inter-cardinal and secondary inter-cardinal points (W o NW o N o…) and has the ability to set a heading with clear colour-differentiated arrows and marks for the heading, 90 degree either side, and reciprocal directions.

The direction of travel is also shown numerically in the middle of the display.

Set a Heading

A heading is simply set by the push of a button and is indicated by a large green arrow.

Yellow bars show 90° either side of this and a large red arrow indicates the reciprocal (180°) direction.

These markers will remain in place even if the compass is turned off and on during the dive.

A new heading can be set at any time and will over-ride the previous one.

Orientation Marks

If the diver’s direction of travel is off the heading – for example, if you are following one of the 90° yellow bars, as you would on the second or fourth leg of a square navigation pattern – smaller green and red arrows appear at either end of the display to orientate yourself against the original heading and the reciprocal direction.

Simple Calibration

Compass calibration is straight-forward involving 2 elements: an accelerometer (annual calibration) and a magnetometer (routine). Both calibrations involve a simple handset rotation process with clear graphical indications of success in each of the 3-dimensional (x,y,z) planes.

Tilt Activation

If the power-saving Auto-Dimming function is selected, the display backlight dims automatically after 5 seconds. The new Tilt Activation option allows a quick restoration of full brightness by simply rotating (or swinging) the handset towards you. Appropriate movement through all 3 axes effectively detects when the diver wants to look at the display and will trigger the backlight.

Tilt Activation is optional and can be turned off. If so, pressing the handset’s buttons will do the same job. The left button restores brightness for 5 seconds and the centre or right button achieves the same, for 10 seconds.

Graphical Log Book

The latest software update also offers an improved Log Book viewable on the handset. Dives can be downloaded and examined in minute detail on your PC using the free AP Logviewer software. The new Log Book functionality offers a quick-view.

The primary new feature is a graphical display of the dive profile (depth v. time) with any deco ceiling accrued shown as a red line above this. Other key information displayed includes dive number, date, time of dive, dive duration , max. depth and the average depth . The 2020VISION has a huge dive log capacity which allows you to record up to 3000 dive hours.

Three New Languages

Chinese – Japanese – Korean

We have also added three new languages to the 2020VISION – Chinese (Traditional), Japanese and Korean – adding to the dozen languages already available through the menu language selection: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish and Russian.