"Without the Inspiration my team and I wouldn't
    have been able to see the mythical Coelacanth
    up close..." - Laurent Ballesta
     Marine biologist, Laurent Ballesta and his team dived to 110-120m (4-5 hour dives) 21 times in a 29 day expedition searching for the pre-historic Coelacanth. They found it and swam alongside for up to 30 minutes on 6 of the dives.
    Photo by Laurent Ballesta.

    The AP Configurator allows you to step through the choices available when considering a new Inspiration, to preview the costs involved and produce a provisional wish-list of your configured unit to send to us.



    One rebreather does it all - 6m to 160m
    Easy upgrades - rec through to tec


     Martin Parker ©


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The APD14: redesigned and internally restructured oxygen cell.

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A great video by Mike Wynd diving the LA Oil Rigs ... See MoreSee Less

In 2011, I was loaned a book called White Mouse, it was the story of an Australian girl, Nancy Wake, who married a Frenchman just before the 2nd World War. She ran escape routes in the South of France for people fleeing the Naziis. Eventually, she had to follow the same route and escaped to England where she was trained by the SOE. She went back into France and trained and coordinated resistance with much daring and do. I mention this because reading this book made me appreciate more a chance meeting in 2012 when I was a presenter at a conference in Toulon; other presenters included JP Imbert and a fine old gentleman called Bob Maloubier. Bob was 92 or so and his lovely wife was nearly 30 years his junior, sparkle and joie de vivre a plenty with Nicky, JP and Bob with their wives. Bob was SBS trained, SOE trained and dropped several times back into France to create as much mayhem as possible. After the war he was one of two tasked with creating the French version of the SBS and designed the first non mag dive watch and had it made by Blancpain. I of course didn't learn any of this from Bob, he was far too modest. He acknowledged though that he knew "Noncy". He spoke English like an Englishman, French like a Frenchman and behaved like a gentleman - albeit with a twinkle in his eye. I am sorry to hear that Bob has just passed away. Martin Parker (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

Thermals are a must for this! ... See MoreSee Less

-102 M SOUS LA GLACE ! -102 M UNDER THE ICE ! Ils l'ont fait ! Une première mondiale pour l'équipe d'Under The Pole. Hier, le 19 avril, Ghislain Bardout et Martin Mellet sont descendus à la prof...

Efficient customer service is very important to us. It's great to hear you're back in the water already! ... See MoreSee Less

I need my rebreather for work, so really appreciate great customer service and communication! Thanks AP Diving for turning my counterlungs around from Scotland to Cornwall and back in three days. It l...

AP Diving shared a link. ... See MoreSee Less


Update Feb 2015: APD14 Oxygen Sensors

The APD14 is AP Diving's own brand, redesigned and internally restructured oxygen cell, re-introduced in July 2014.  In July 2014 a number of major changes were made to the water repelling cell face, the cathode and the cathode housing.

The AP Emergency Buoyancy Inflator

The AP Emergency Buoyancy Inflator system offers a redundant buoyancy source from the first stage of your emergency gas or ‘octopus’ supply. An independent emergency buoyancy supply to hand at all times is a potential life-saver.


Trip Reports

24 Hour World Record Dive

The “GOMBESSA II” Expedition 2014

24 Hour World Record Dive - Solving the mysteries of the Marbled Grouper

Kuda Maru - WWII Japanese Gold Wreck Expedition

During the first week of May 2012 a daring team of technical divers did an amazing 16 trimix dives to depths of +/‐90m (300ft) using rebreathers on a WWII shipwreck that is believed to be the Kuda Maru, off the coast of Cebu, Philippines.