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    "Without the Inspiration my team and I wouldn't
    have been able to see the mythical Coelacanth
    up close..." - Laurent Ballesta
     Marine biologist, Laurent Ballesta and his team dived to 110-120m (4-5 hour dives) 21 times in a 29 day expedition searching for the pre-historic Coelacanth. They found it and swam alongside for up to 30 minutes on 6 of the dives.
    Photo by Laurent Ballesta.



    One rebreather does it all - 6m to 160m
    Easy upgrades - rec through to tec


     Martin Parker ©


New AP Products Unveiled...

Here's a quick heads-up on the 3 new products that we'll be showcasing at next weekend's EUROTek 2014 Advanced Diving Conference in Birmingham, UK.

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Customer reviews are important. We have recently added a new Reviews and Questions & Answers system to our online shop.

Eurotek 2014

If you'd like to meet the AP team, or be the first to view new and upcoming products. Be sure to visit us at the ICC, Birmingham on the 20-21st of September 2014.

AP Diving - Oxygen Cell supply

Due to interruptions in cell supply this year, steps have been taken to secure a second supplier. The cell from the new supplier, the same supplier as the Narked @ 90 cell, will have the designation APD16 and has a white label.


Trip Reports

Trip Report: Te Honu Diving – French Polynesia Trip

Cyrille Mullard - trip to Fakarava South Pass, French Polynesia...

Trip Report: Kuda Maru - WWII Japanese Gold Wreck Expedition

During the first week of May 2012 a daring team of technical divers did an amazing 16 trimix dives to depths of +/‐90m (300ft) using rebreathers on a WWII shipwreck that is believed to be the Kuda Maru, off the coast of Cebu, Philippines.

Trip Report: AP Diving provide the life-support for James Cameron's deepest dive - March 2012

AP Diving congratulate James Cameron and the Deepsea Challenge team on their successful dive to 10,898m / 36,070 ft - the ocean's deepest point - Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench.

Trip Report: University of Hawaii Deep Coral Reef Study

This is a joint project between UH, Bishop Museum and the Hawaii State DLNR using our CCR team and the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory sub Pisces-V. Following is some backstory on what we were doing, written by Richard.

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