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Version 06.00.20 is now available for VISION Mono Handsets

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Upcoming Shows: 2016

If you're looking to find out more about our products and want to talk to one of our dive team in person, we'll be available to talk at any of the following shows.

Cell Warning Advice by Mike Fowler

At some point in your CCR diving career you are likely to encounter a cell warning...

Rebreather Sorb Research Unveiled

Until today there has been no published data that compares the carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption of Spherasorb and Sofnolime 797...

Trip Reports

Inside the Coral Triangle

A newly led expedition uncovers the secrets of the Lengguru Range (West Papua, New Guinea)

24 Hour World Record Dive

The “GOMBESSA II” Expedition 2014 - 24 Hour World Record Dive - Solving the mysteries of the Marbled Grouper

Japan's Yonaguni Monument

A fantastic selection of photography by Dave Mothershaw diving at the illusive Yonaguni Monument, 130km off the coast of Taiwan.

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The AP Commando BCD range is fully modular for smooth progress from sport to technical diving 

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