Counterlung OP Valve


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  1. Over-Pressure / Dump Valve

    Over-Pressure / Dump Valve

    Incl. VAT: £42.91 £35.76  Excl. VAT

    RB04 - Over-Pressure / Dump Valve

    Replacement part for all AP rebreathers

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  2. Counterlung OP / Dump Valve Service Kit

    Counterlung OP / Dump Valve Service Kit

    Incl. VAT: £6.42 £5.35  Excl. VAT

    RB04A - Counterlung OP / Dump Valve Service Kit

    Service kit for Counterlung OP/Dump Valve for all AP rebreathers.

    Includes: non-return silicone mushroom valve, sealing diaphragm, base and base protector.

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  3. OP / Dump Valve Spanner

    OP / Dump Valve Spanner

    Incl. VAT: £10.30 £8.58  Excl. VAT

    RBTOOL5 - Over-Pressure / Dump Valve Spanner (68mm)

    N.B. This C-spanner is a different size to the RBTOOL6 AP rebreather T-Piece Spanner or the APTOOL1 BCD Dump Valve Spanner

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3 Item(s)