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Inflator Hoses & Parts


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  1. Core Valve Tool

    Core Valve Tool

    Incl. VAT: £6.25 £5.21  Excl. VAT

    AP50E - Core Valve Tool

    Tool to remove & fit the Schrader valve in the AP50 Inflator Hose, the AP100 & APV100 Auto Air valves and the AP200 & APV200 BCD Inflators.

    AP100/44 - Schrader valves are available from this site.

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  2. Reusable Hose Fitting - First Stage End

    Reusable Hose Fitting - First Stage End

    Incl. VAT: £11.27 £9.39  Excl. VAT

    AP50B - 3/8th UNF Hose Fitting - Reusable First Stage End for AP Inflator Hoses and Post 2009 Auto Air Hoses

    Male End Fitting for both :

    • AP50 medium pressure Inflator Hoses
    • Auto Air hoses Read More

  3. Reusable Inflator Hose Snap Connector

    Reusable Inflator Hose Snap Connector

    Incl. VAT: £19.80 £16.50  Excl. VAT

    AP50A - Reusable Inflator Hose Snap Connector

    Designed to fit the AP200 (pre 2007), the APV200 (post 2007) AP BCD inflators and the AP400 Drysuit Inflator

    The AP50A is reusable. It can be easily removed and re-fitted so that the hose length can be shortened Read More

  4. Inflator Hose Core Valve

    Inflator Hose Core Valve

    Incl. VAT: £2.28 £1.90  Excl. VAT

    AP100/44 - Core valve for the AP50 Inflator Hose

    Schrader valve

    Requires tool to fit - available from this site

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  5. Inflator Hoses

    Inflator Hoses

    From  £38.10

    £31.75  Excl. VAT

    AP50 Inflator Hoses - complete

    The AP50 Inflator Hose features a standard 3/8" UNF fitting that is a standard fit for all medium pressure ports

    The quick-release coupling is designed specifically to fit the AP200 Inflator

    The hose fittings are easily Read More


5 Item(s)