AP Diving announces the opening of its new warehouse in The Netherlands.  

The new distribution hub - AP DIVING EUROPE - will start operations on Monday 2nd August. More details here >>

EU customers will be able to: buy in Euros; receive goods direct from mainland Europe; and avoid import hassles, paperwork & customs fees.

A new website apdiving.eu will follow in mid-August. Orders for EU distribution can be placed with the AP UK office by phone or email from 26th July onwards.

AP phone lines are open from 10am-3pm (UK time) Monday to Thursday and 10am-12 noon Fridays.

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Original RRP:£497.00

Step outside your comfort zone - in complete comfort

The AP Commando Explorer is a high quality BCD packed with features designed to maximise comfort and al
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£426.00 £355.00

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    Original RRP:£497.00

    Step outside your comfort zone - in complete comfort

    The AP Commando Explorer is a high quality BCD packed with features designed to maximise comfort and allow fine-tune buoyancy control. It is based on the blueprint of the original Commando - and apart from a small difference in the body shape (see below) - it is built to the same high standards in build quality, features and performance.

    The Commando Explorer offers the advantages of reflex technology - the unique AP comfort-fit system which allows you to adjust the jacket fit and customise it specifically to your individual shape - with a one-time simple set-up adjustment in the height position of the waistband, shoulder buckles and the backplate length.

    Buoyancy control is enhanced with 3 super-responsive dump / over-pressure valves, a choice of emergency breathing valve / inflators and the option of a positive-lock integrated weight system.

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    • Multiple lightweight aluminium 50mm D-rings - pre-bent to stand-off for easy clip-on
    • 1000 denier twin-bag construction - the toughest build-quality on the market
    • Optional quick-release integrated weight pockets
    • Reflex adjustment - allows you to fine-tune the fit at shoulders, waist and back
    • Ability to upgrade to twinset cambands

    Options include:

    • APV200 Inflator or the Auto Air octo-inflator
    • Cargo Clips (standard) or Integrated Weight System
    • Emergency Mini-Cylinders - Din or A-clamp
    • Twinset camband kit (supplied in addition)

    Sizing Considerations:

    The Commando Explorer is cut differently to the Commando. Sizing experience tells us that the Commando Explorer is usually a better fit for divers with a regular or short back - regardless of overall height. (The Commando is the best fit for a longer back). Whatever your body type - we have a Commando to fit you.

    Apart from a small difference in maximum buoyancy because of this difference in shape, the Commando Explorer is identical in build quality, features spec, upgrade options and price.

    Twinset Upgrade Option:

    The supercam single webbing camband comes as standard. If you opt for the supercam twinset kit upgrade this is supplied in addition - allowing you to switch beteen single and twin cylinder setups.

    Configuration Guides - click below

    Size Guide Inflator Choice Integrated Weight System Emergency Buoyancy

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    • Reflex comfort-fit system - anatomically contoured, fully padded and adjustable to the finest degree at shoulders, waist and back-plate
    • Rapid release system for either Integrated Weight pouches (optional upgrade) or our unique Cargo Clips (supplied as standard)
    • Unique high-traction, stabilising cylinder-cradle backplate designed to cater for different size single cylinders or twin-cylinder sets
    • Option to add AP twinset cambands
    • Choice of emergency breathing valve/inflators
    • Optional emergency 0.4litre 232bar mini-cylinder DIN or A-clamp (300bar DIN also available)
    • Expandable gusset structure ensures the buoyancy cell inflates away from the body minimising squeeze
    • 10 x  welded aluminium D rings with pre-bent, stand-off shoulder rings for easy location and attachment
    • Foldaway dedicated SMB pouch at rear - large enough to stow an AP SMBC
    • Spacious side-pockets with chunky 10mm zips and easy-find zip-runners
    • Positively buoyant easy-find dump-pull at rear left negatively buoyant easy-find dump-pull at front right
    • 3rd dump/over-pressure valve integrated into the inflator & hose assembly
    • High visibility reflective piping
    • Padded lumbar support
    • Foldaway hose runners
    • Unique AP twin-bag construction with bespoke Endura FX100 1000 denier coated-nylon outer bag air-tight PU welded inner bladder with lifetime warranty
    • Service zip allowing replacement/service of bladder and all valves