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No, we haven’t stripped the world’s most famous BCDs and accessories down to bare necessities – we’ve just changed their name and added a few design tweaks.


The name has changed but the quality’s the same… the story continues…

As part of the merging of two of diving’s most innovative companies – AP Valves and Ambient Pressure Diving (and to avoid confusion) we’ve simplified the naming of many of our product lines, especially the BUDDY range. So the changes are…

BUDDY Commando → becomes The AP Commando (by AP Diving)
BUDDY Explorer  → becomes The AP Commando Explorer
BUDDY Commando Escape → becomes The AP Commando Escape
BUDDY Travelwing  → becomes The AP Travelwing
BUDDY Tekwing → becomes The AP Tekwing
BUDDY Trident → becomes The AP Trident
BUDDY Redwing → becomes The AP Redwing

All BUDDY Accessories have now been renamed: AP Accessories – the AP SMB, the AP Lift Bag, the AP Pocket Reel etc etc.

But for those who just can’t let go – we’ve still got the BUDDY BLAST air horn and the BUDDY Line.  (…because they do exactly what they say on the tin… give your buddy a blast or a line!)

On the CCR front we have also tweaked the names a bit to clear up any confusion about the difference between the various units.

As we explain to divers at the Shows, the difference between the Inspiration, the Evolution and the Evolution Plus essentially boils down to… Small, Medium and Large.

In effect they are all the same unit but with different chassis sizes and different cylinder and scrubber sizes. Other than that… it’s the same rebreather.  They are all AP Inspirations – just different models.

So, the new names are:

The Inspiration Classic → stays The Inspiration Classic

The Inspiration → becomes the AP Inspiration XPD

The Evolution → becomes the AP Inspiration EVO

The Evolution Plus → becomes the AP Inspiration EVP

All Inspirations… different models but all with the same great options and upgrades available to all of them.