Off-Board Cylinder Bracket & Band Set (130mm)

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EV92A - Off-Board Cylinder Bracket & Band Set (130mm)

For off-board attachment of the 1.5L aluminium (argon) cylinder (AP6J)

Complete with EV92/1 Case Plate, EV92/2 Cylinder Bracket and EV92/4 (130mm) Cylinder Bands 

The nuts & bolts to attach the Case Plate are included 

Fits all post-2006 AP rebreather cases (i.e. any AP case fitted with rubber latches)

PLEASE NOTE: The EV92/4 Cylinder Bands fit the 1.5litre AP6J aluminium cylinder but NOT the smaller diameter 2 or 3 litre cylinders

To fit 2 and 3 litre steel cylinders, you need the smaller EV92/3 Off-board Bracket Cylinder Bands (100mm) which are also available from this site either separately (EV92/3) or as part of a complete bracket kit - the EV92

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