GCS100A - Complete Kit

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GCS100A - Gas Connector System 100A 

GCS Kit c/w Hoses (without Flow-Stop)

The heart of the Gas Connector System consists of 2 quick release hose fittings, one male and one female. The hose with the male fitting connects to your ADV or a 2nd stage and the female connects to the intermediate (low) pressure port of your first stage

When the hoses are disconnected both the male and the female ends are sealed automatically allowing easy and secure release and connection of side-mounted cylinders and allowing a change of gas supply if required

GCS100A includes: 

1 x GC1/24 - 24" hose - female snap connector and 1st stage end 
1 x GC2/24 - 24" hose - male connector and ADV end 
1 x EV50/24 - AA 24" hose - female snap connector & 1st stage end 

Suitable Use: 

As GCS100 but without the FLOWSTOP

Fit GC1 to the side-mount. Fit GC2 to the rebreather ADV and the EV50 to the on-board diluent manifold

This enables you to connect the ADV to the onboard diluent when diving with air diluent 
or to the off-board side-mount for trimix diluent

All hoses can be shortened by unscrewing the reusable end fittings and cutting the hose to the required length
The ends can then be screwed back on. NOTE: The crimped 9/16" UNF ends are not reusable

Longer hoses are available on request

IMPORTANT NOTE: The APD Gas Connector System (GCS) conforms to the EN250 regulator breathing standard down to 40m. Below this depth the breathing performance falls below this standard. If the GC3 FLOWSTOP is used in-line with the GCS the system conforms to EN250 down to 30m

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